How to Install the Latest Version of Hugo

Ubuntu 20.04

For Debian-based linux distributions, it’s often easiest to pick up the latest copy over on the Hugo github (under Releases). One reason for this is how quickly new versions come out, the versions inside package managers can become out-dated quickly.

Recommended Way:

View Latest Github Releases  

And choose to download and install either of these (we’ve replaced the version with an X)

  • hugo_extended_0.X.0_Linux-64bit.deb
  • hugo_0.X.0_Linux-64bit.deb

The ’extended’ version includes SASS building, extra minfiying and resource processing.

Or, the other way:

sudo apt install hugo

Either of these ways should be enough to get you setup, so that if you type:

$ hugo version
Hugo Static Site Generator v0.80.0-792EF0F4/extended linux/amd64 BuildDate: ...

…then you can see the current version running.

The only other setup required is the either setup your new project, or navigate to your existing site and run the hugo command.


Updating Hugo should be very similar to installing. If you downloaded a .deb file, download the new one and install it. If you installed through a package manager, like apt, your limited by their version, but running apt update && apt upgrade would update to the latest.