Migrate Wordpress to Hugo

Wordpress is a fantastically popular blogging platform, but judging by the fact you are here, you’re looking to move to Hugo (great choice!)

The software we’ve used in the past to do this for us is called wordpress-to-hugo-exporter (does as it’s name suggests). This will essentially convert the database posts saved into markdown files which you can use in Hugo and with your theme of choice.

View on Github

How to

It’s important to note this works as a Wordpress plugin, so if you can’t install plugins it may not work for you.

  1. Download the code from Github

  2. Place it into your /wp-content/plugins folder

  3. Activate the Plugin in Wordpress

  4. Select ‘Export to Hugo’ from inside the Wordpress Admin > Tools menu.

This will produce your posts, pages and settings for you, as well as a config.yml.

Did this work out for you? Let us know in the comments.